What does tuition include?

Tuition for the program includes 6 hours of instruction in our small classes with one on one attention from professional educators. The tuition also includes support from teachers outside of the classroom when required on a case by case basis. All international students are assessed on their English level upon their arrival and additional language support is available when necessary. In some cases tutoring outside of school is recommended, and if this is the case, charges for this service are the responsibility of the student.

What is provided with the homestay family?

Our host families are amazing! Students are welcomed in and treated as part of the family. Each student will be given a room of their own and in some cases, their own bathroom. The host family provides meals and snacks as they would for their own children. The only time that students would be responsible for their own meals would be if they choose to buy food other than what the host family provides. Students also have the opportunity to take part in all of the activities of the host family. These vary by family, but often include trips to other parts of the province, or other provinces.

Will we receive communication regarding our child while they are enrolled in the program?

Parents will receive regular communication about their child's progress. There are 4 reporting periods and parents will be emailed report cards at the end of each of these periods. The school will also communicate with parents if there are any other issues that arise with their child. Communication may occur through the agent if one was used to apply to the program.

What does the health insurance cover?

Students are fortunate to be able to apply for a Saskatchewan Health card when they study in our province. This card affords them the privilege of not having to pay up front for any medical services that they access. Instead the government and insurance company communicate to pay the necessary fees. The program will assist in the application process for a health card once the students arrive.



Can I choose my own classes?

Students meet with school administration on the first day of school to discuss the classes that they will take during their time in the program. Students have some choice in classes depending on the grade that they are in, and the courses being offered in each semester. We do our best to meet the needs of each student who studies with our program.

Will I receive credit for the classes I take when I return to my home country?

When students arrive they must inform the school if they wish to transfer their year in Canada back to their home country. If this is the case, they will need to present original transcripts to the school, which will be sent for a credit evaluation with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education. The decisions made by the Ministry about credit transfer are final.

Can my family visit me while I am studying in Canada?

We love when families visit their children while they are in our program! If parents require a letter of invitation, please let us know and we will be happy to provide it.

What do I do if I have problems with my host family?

From time to time, misunderstandings occur within the student / host family relationship. In most cases the issues are just that - misunderstandings. If you have any problems with your host family please see your school Principal who will assist you in communicating the issues with your host family. In the majority of cases, simply discussing the issues solves the problem!

What is it like living outside of a big city? Won't I get bored?

We strongly believe that the greatest strength of our program is that we are NOT in a big city! We offer true immersion, in that there isn't a community of same language speaking individuals for students to associate with. Further to that, students who have attended our program love that the atmosphere in our community is very close and family-like. They end up becoming not just part of a group of friends or a family, but an important part of our whole community. Once students study with us they will forever call Hazlet their Canadian home! As for getting bored, students tell us that they are busier in our community than they ever were at home. There is lots to do both after school and on the weekend. From sports and clubs to hanging out at the skating rink or going to the movies, the students in our program are always busy having fun and enjoying their Canadian experience!